HotStreetHits.com is the fastest growing Africa-centric download music platform available. Music fans from around the globe are able to access a huge catalogue of diverse music through our website and mobile apps. Artists are able to upload and make revenue from sales of their music.

Simply click login/signup and follow the prompts, or sign in with your Facebook or other social media account. Once you’ve created your account, you can use it to login to any of the HotStreetHits mobile apps and services.

Streaming allows you to jump right into the music and start listening. No files are downloaded to your mobile device or computer. However, you must have a good data connection to enjoy uninterrupted listening.

Downloads allow you to listen without being connected to the Internet. The music files are saved to your device, so you can listen whenever you like. Downloads require that you purchase tracks or albums.

HotStreetHits offers two forms of subscription.

Payment can be made either as a:

Full payment of N1000 for a year subscription OR a quarterly payment of N300.

This payment is for subscribing to the HotStreetHits.com platform. All downloads of songs and albums would be paid separately with prices shown on each content.

Discovering music on HotStreetHits.com is easy. Just start typing into search, and results for your favorite artist, song, album, and genre will be displayed.

Alternatively, click on the Discovery tab to view Latest Releases, Most Popular, Genre, Discover Me or Featured Music.

Simply signup to the HotStreetHits platform and fill in your details as an artist. Sign the necessary distributor agreement forms and Upload your songs/album. As a label/publisher, how do we get our artists on Hostreethits.com?

Simply signup to the HotStreetHits platform and fill in the artist(s) details.  Sign the necessary distributor agreement forms for each artist and Upload the songs/albums.


We have a variety of songs and albums for download.

Click on ‘login/register’ and follow the easy steps for registration or choose to sign in with your Facebook account. Once you’ve created an account, you can use the same account (Single account) to login to any of the HotStreetHits mobile apps and services.

Can I share the songs I download on HotStreetHits.com on my devices? Yes, you can move the songs you buy from HotStreetHits.com to your phone and your tablet after you have purchased them. All songs on our platform and app are non-DRM protected. Non-DRM protected songs can easily be shared between devices and stored on your memory card.

Log In to the platform.

Search for the song(s) you desire.

Click on the download link beside the song(s).

Follow the prompt.


For enquiries by artists/record labels that are yet to subscribe to HOTSTREETHITS, send an e-mail to enquiries@hotstreethits.com; a representative from HOTSTREETHITS will be in touch with you as soon as possible.


Before submitting a support request, kindly go through our FAQ/SUPPORT PAGE.


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